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Ep3- I'm at a time in my life when...

🎧Another episode to listen to. 

Episode 3 of The Career Advice you Never Had podcast explores the theme "I’m at a time in my life when…" 

Let’s delve into the topic of transitions, change, and understanding our priorities during these times of disruption and uncertainty.

Thank you for tuning in or Spotify and YouTube.

Key points during the episode:

💗 Change vs. Transition

💗 Types of change and stages of transition

💗 The 8 roles we evolve throughout life

💗 Reflect on how transitions reshape your priorities 

💗 Consider which roles and responsibilities require more time and energy during this phase of life

This podcast introduces you to career development theory to help make sense of your journey and how important it is to self-reflect during times of change.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where you’ll meet our first guest and explore their career journey.

I wonder who it might be. 🤔

Please share any insights, questions and experiences below.

Make sure you share this podcast with someone looking for some career inspiration.

Together, we'll navigate this journey as you find your way, rediscover yourself, and focus on taking the next meaningful step in your career.

Take care.

Angela x

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