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"The Power of a Storm"

Last week, Melbourne was rocked by a wild storm.

Within five minutes, the destruction caused by the intense wind, sideways rain, and hailstones wreaked havoc all over Melbourne, leaving half a million people instantly disconnected.

No power, no internet, no reception, and no way home.

Fallen trees blocked roads, lives were lost, and homes severely damaged.

Then, the dark clouds parted, and the sun shone.

Life moved on.

Yet, the cleanup from the aftermath began.

The whining of chainsaws, drone of generators, and wailing of sirens echoed through the usually peaceful mountains.

Holding my breath, I dared to inspect the damage as I cautiously stepped out my front door.

I walked around, shaking my head in disbelief at the trees snapped in half, limbs the length of a car scattered across my property, and shallow roots as high as two men left exposed, while the long, thick trunks lay perished in the earth. 

Restlessly waiting for services to be reconnected, I found solace in community, connecting with my family, friends, and a new routine of going into work every day.

The toll this storm took mentally required a strong focus on self-care to calm the nervous system.

Streets all over Melbourne are now neatly lined with bundles of cut-up trunks, branches, and leaves, waiting for their fate to be chopped up, turned into mulch, and spread as ashes.

This storm reminds me that life can change in the blink of an eye, how reliant we are on power, and the urgency to restore life to normal.

The message I received from Mother Nature this time was how brutally beautiful you really are.

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