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The Reality of Career Happiness- Part 1

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

While recently listening to a panel discussion on the current challenges in the job market, a phrase used sparked my interest, made me come to full attention and sit up a little straighter.

This term was job crafting - Laura Hui describes it as,

‘redesigning what we do at work, essentially changing tasks, relationships, and perceptions of our jobs, to craft a job that we love.’

There is a lot of talk and data out there saying 1/3 of Australians plan to search for a new job in 2022.

The intention is there, yet the follow-through of people on mass, changing their role, may not occur as predicted.

This is due to a few factors;

- The fear of further outbreaks of COVID-19 variants

- The uncertainty surrounding the war

- People are doing nothing about their situation and staying put

- Or they are job crafting and creating their own Career Happiness

What is job crafting?

Positive Psychology describes the 3 keys to job crafting;

1. Task Crafting: Changing up responsibilities

- How people actively shape or mould one’s role by adding, dropping or changing the nature of the responsibilities set out on the official job description.

2. Relationship Crafting: Changing up interactions

- How people reshape the type and nature of the interactions they have with others by changing up who they work with, for certain tasks, and engage with, on a regular basis.

3. Cognitive Crafting: Changing up your mindset

- How people change their mindsets about the tasks they do, by changing their perspective on what they are doing, can allow them to create more meaning with the work they do.

“…putting more and more responsibility on the individual for the experience and engagement in their work.”

We have the ability to redesign the role, we are currently doing, and be happy with the career we have, by changing our relationship with the way we work, who we spend our time with, and our thinking around work.

This allows us to focus on making the work we do more meaningful and being content where we are now.

The reality of Career Happiness, is that it is available to all of us, and one way is through job crafting.

In part 2 of the reality of Career Happiness, I dive deeper into the concept that we have the ability to create our own Career Happiness.

Stay tuned for more!

To learn about job crafting, join me for a FREE Discover Session to discuss the possibility of redesigning the role you are in now.

I look forward to catching up.

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