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Life Design Counselling

Career Construction

After the first session where Angela asks you a series of questions she will then go away and collate the information into a Life Portrait.

You will receive your Life Story of Transition and then we will unpack it together in your second session.

It is a very powerful experience - guaranteed.


What is Life-Design Counselling?

Life-Design Counselling is a new perspective to career counselling.

Life-Design Counselling assists clients in their career transition to reconstruct life meaning and identity, and discover the theme of life, helping them to rewrite their story, clarify their self-concept, establish a life purpose, and explore a path of action through this transition.

The Protocol

Life-Design Counselling is a framework for addressing your career concerns.

This is a reflective process aligned with your reality, needs and values.

Life-Design Counselling is based on stories that show your

uniqueness through 6 steps:

1. Determining the Problem

2. Exploring your Current Identity

3. Translating your story into clear content

4. Putting this transition into a new story

5. Developing an identity-related Action Plan

6. Following-up


How much does it cost?

A Life Portrait and two meetings with Angela your careers expert is $900 including GST.

Why Story?

People use stories to organise their lives, construct their identities, and make sense of their problems. Clients enter counselling with a story to tell about some transition. The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them. By holding those stories in the relationship, counsellors enable clients to reflect on their lives. Dwelling in their own stories often destabilises old ideas that block decision making and usually enable an awareness that prompts a choice. As clients give voice to their stories, they hear what they already know and find the answers which they seek. From their own knowing emerges a new perspective that enables clients to envision a revised identity story. From the vantage point of the new perspective, clients elaborate or change their stories in ways that clarify choices and prompt transformative actions to bridge the transition.


Easy Next Step

  • Organise a time to chat with Angela about your career.

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