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Ant's Accidental Career

The first career story is here!

Ant's Accidental Career.

Ant Cohen describes his career as a series of happy accidents.

Coming from a corporate background in hospitality, marketing, guest services, security and now a founder of a charity.

He has delivered some of Australia's most well-known, innovative events, led some of our most iconic brands and worked closely with Oprah and John Travolta, the Wallabies, Australian Olympic Committee and even Eurovision. 

Ant often jokes how he accidentally started a charity yet that is exactly what happened.

The idea of Project Placed was sparked during the pandemic and has grown quickly.

It has evolved through hard work, an amazing group of board members, admin, HR professionals, recruiters, mental health practitioners and career coaches who volunteer their time and expertise to job seekers who have found themselves displaced in their career.

Ant calls Project Placed his passion project as he does have a day job and loves helping people thrive into the future and have access to free career support when they most need it. 

Listen on Spotify and YouTube.

Links to Project Placed and Ant:

I’d love to hear your takeaways from this episode and let me know if you want to hear more career stories like this.

Take Care,

Angela x

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