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Unexpected change

Have you experienced something lately that was unplanned, unexpected or unpredictable?

This moment may have been big like a pandemic or as small as a conversation.

Did this moment change the way you thought about the job you are in or where your career is headed?

Maybe it was something,

➕ Positive

😀 Promotion, job offer, having a family, meeting someone who changes your outlook, winning the lottery, epiphany...

➖ Negative

🙁 Professional- Redundancy, fired, forced into early retirement early, reluctant resignation, accident, bullying, harassment...

🙁 Personal- Diagnosis, relationship breakdown, accident, loss of a loved one...

🙁 Collective- Pandemic, natural disaster, war...

Jos Akkermans defines these moments as a career shock “a disruptive and extraordinary event that is, at least to some degree, caused by factors outside the focal individual’s control and that triggers a deliberate thought process concerning one’s career.”

External- the event that disrupts your life

Internal- Triggers the psychological deliberate thought process

Unexpected event = deep reflection = change of behaviour (learning new skills) or taking action (searching for a new job).

What has been your unexpected change?

I remember my unexpected change like it was yesterday.

The thudding of my beating heart after a fierce windstorm swept through my quiet suburb, ripping a gigantic gum tree from its roots, crushing my home, care, plans for the future and my heart.

I remember staring at the devastation and the crystal-clear clarity- my life will never be the same again.

I knew at that moment life is precious and too short to be unhappy in a job that didn't suit me.

I knew I wanted more from my career and life.

I wanted to make a difference and finally once and for all discover my meaning and purpose and live it every day.

So, I went in search of answers.

For some people, this event has altered the trajectory of their career, put them on a new path and heads them in a new direction.

For others, you may find yourself feeling stuck and lost, not knowing what to do or where to begin. If you find yourself not coping with your unexpected change, reach out to me for a free discovery session.

At Career Design Studio, we specialise in working with people who have been through unexpected change. We support you through your transition into a new chapter and help you discover your meaning and purpose after this change.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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