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Career FOMO

As you ease back into work and catch up with the latest news, watch out for Career FOMO.

Without a doubt, many of us have fallen victim to FOMO – fear of missing out- at some stage in our life.

I have found in my own career and also my work as a career coach, Career FOMO is real thing.

Emma from Talentvis describes Career FOMO as “the worry that you have been missing out on so many things in your career, while everyone else is achieving and enjoying more success than you.”

Career FOMO can pop up after spending time on social media, scrolling through new job promotions and exciting new roles other people are starting on LinkedIn or after catching up with a friend that’s going places.

As much as you are happy for them and celebrate others win with a 👍 or ❤, there’s a part of you that can’t help feeling deflated, doubts yourself and starts questioning your career.

This spiral of Career FOMO can negatively affect your sense of self, decision making, job satisfaction, overall happiness and ultimately triggering your inner critic and/or limiting beliefs.

Aka comparisonitis, perfectionism, hopelessness, people pleasing, overachiever, procrastination and I’m not good enough.

This spiraling can lead to a loss of confidence, burnout or depression, as you continually fail to "keep up with the Joneses".

Let’s stop the cycle here with 3 things you can do;

1. Catch Career FOMO before it spirals- tune into your self-awareness, stop, take a breath and ask yourself. What need of mine is not being met in my own life that is triggered by this news? What am I really missing out on?
2. Be grounded in who you are, your values, goals/dreams, own path, what you want in life. Stay on your path!
3. Use Career FOMO as motivation to remind you of the next step you need to take

Remember this your career and your life to live.

Continue to take the steps on your path.

Have you set your intentions and goals for 2023?

Join me to Reflect and Prepare for 2023 in this FREE online event.

If you would like to learn more about Career FOMO, book your FREE Discovery Session here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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