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EP10: 3 mins for me

Updated: Jun 17

When did you last take time for yourself?

To stop

To pause

To check in

Wherever you are in your career journey

What if you took 3 minutes;

To breathe

To notice

To connect

Taking 3 minutes to turn inward will allow yourself to;


-Turn off fight and flight

-Refresh your mind 

-Regulate your emotions

-Find clarity

-Deepen your understanding of yourself

3 minutes is short enough that it can be squeezed into a busy day

3 minutes is long enough to have considerable benefits

How important is it to find the time?

Morning, midday or night

Use this episode as a go to, when life gets busy, your mind is full and you need to reduce your mental load. 

Find yourself in the still

🎧 Listen on Spotify and YouTube.

Share this episode with a friend who needs this today 💗

Take care,

Angela x

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