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EP11: Mid-Year Review

It's almost halfway through the year!

Are you wondering where the time has gone?

Join me for episode 11 of The Career Advice You Never Had Podcast where we'll be doing something a little different and I take you through a mid-year review.

This can be listened to on Spotify and you can also follow along on YouTube with the slides.

This is all about taking the time to pause, create space, reset and align with your intentions for the second half of the year.

You may have set an intention or had goals at the beginning of the year and this will be a chance to see how far you have come.

This mid-year review will allow you to;

  • Uncover the challenges, lessons and achievements so far in 2024

  • Check in on the intentions you set for 2024

  • Learn how to identify and overcome obstacles that may be getting in your way

  • Know your next step

I’d love to know how you go.

Make sure you share this with someone who needs some career inspiration.

This is the last episode for season 1 and I’ll be back with season 2 soon.

This will give you a chance to catch up on any episodes you may have missed.

Thank you for listening, your support is amazing, and remember, you are amazing too!

Together, we'll navigate this journey as you find your way, rediscover yourself, and take the next meaningful step in your career.

Take care,

Angela x

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