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EP6: Connecting the dots

Check out episode 6 where you can connect the dots by exploring the external career journey you’ve been on to help you move forward in the future.

In this episode we will;

💗Use the power of hindsight to understand your journey 

💗 Reconnect you back into your career story 

💗 Acknowledge the decisions you have made along 

💗 Help you gain a new perspective of the path you have travelled

Why look back you may ask?

Looking back can help you gain clarity for moving forward.

Let’s take the time to stop, pause and reflect together.

You can listen on Spotify and YouTube.

In the show notes you can find the reflective questions.

Make sure you subscribe to this podcast so that you never miss an episode and share it with a friend who needs career inspiration.

And together, we'll navigate this journey as you find your way, rediscover yourself, and focus on taking the next meaningful step in your career.

Take care,

Angela x

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