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EP8: Career Doodle with Naish

"I had two choices, be an engineer or a doctor."

Naishadh Gadani describes his experience with career advice growing up in India in the 90's came from his teachers, parents or his family.

Out of the two choices, Naish went down the engineering pathway.

After 4 years of studies, he went into his first job as a manufacturing engineer only to wonder “Oh god am I going to be doing this forever?”

Naish describes how the career advice that was missing was around what kind of careers or studies would have given him more satisfaction and played on his strengths. 

Naish shares about the steps he took after this realisation that engineering was not for him and brought him where he is today as a Career Counsellor and author of The Big Book of Career Doodles.

🎧 Listen on Spotify or YouTube.

Thanks for listening and sharing this with someone who needs career inspiration.

Take care,

Angela x

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