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EP9: Embracing Chance

Welcome back to The Career Advice You Never Had Podcast, where I provide the career advice, education, and support you missed out on in your career journey.

In this episode we'll be exploring how to embrace chance and help you identify when you have used Planned Happenstance in your career. 

Many people have had moments where they were in the right place at the right time in their career.

These moments are often described as you just fell into it, luck or pure random chance.

Chance plays an important role in everyone's career, often without us knowing.

When we know how to recognise and embrace chance we can then learn to leverage this to create more career opportunities beyond what we think is right for us.  

Planned Happenstance involves taking proactive steps to generate possibilities rather than passively waiting for them to happen.

Learn more in this episode about the skills needed to embrace chance and be successful in this nonlinear world of work with all its unpredictability and uncertainty.

I’ll also share some personal stories of Planned Happenstance along my career journey.

Thank you for listening on Spotify and YouTube.

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Together, we'll navigate this journey as you find your way, rediscover yourself, and take the next meaningful step in your career.

Take care.

Angela x

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