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Fears- call them out

Preview of chapter 13- Fears - call them out.

Fear is something everyone experiences.

Some people fear stepping into the unknown, away from what feels safe and comfortable.

While other people fear their own achievements and the change that comes with them.

These are called fear of failure or fear of success. Some people have both, some people have one or the other.

Which fear do you have?


Fear starts in the mind.

You often say you are scared as you begin to notice discomfort.

The blood rushes away from your brain into your limbs, butterflies swirl in your tummy, your heart races, and your breathing becomes heavy.

This normal reaction is there to keep you safe, yet what if you experience this just before an interview?

Have you ever gone blank and can’t think straight?

This is your flight and fight response activated because it thinks you are under threat.

What if you began to normalise this feeling?

There are strategies to turn this feeling into a way that works for you, not against you.

Ways to work with fear:

Recognise the feeling of fear and flip it into excitement, instead of saying I’m scared, say I’m excited.
Take 3 deep breathes, this will bring you back into your body.
Shake out the excess energy with your arms and legs, just like an athlete before a race.

By doing this you have the power to switch off fight and flight, allowing the blood to go back into your brain.

This will allow you to walk into an interview, in your body (grounded) and allow you access to your words.

Want to learn more about your fears? Let's explore them further in a FREE Discover Session.

I look forward to going deeper with you.

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