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Meaning and purpose- what is it?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I was recently asked what contributes to my sense of purpose?

To tell you the truth, this one question - what is my purpose? has been on my mind for the past 11 years.

At this time, I was a teacher which definitely is a way to help people.

Yet, there was a part of me that wanted to find something more.

I recognised this old feeling and this time I chose to explore how I could help people in a more satisfying way for me.

Then came the questions;

- What could I possibly do?

- What else was out there?

- Where do I start?

This questioning was the beginning of a self-discovery journey.

A journey to find answers, of what else there was for me in this world and would give me a true sense of meaning and purpose.

Looking back over my journey and the people I coach now, life transitions and change - expected, unexpected or a non-event can trigger the desire to want to find something more.

For some people, myself included these events can alter the trajectory of your career, put you on a new path and head you in a new direction.

What I found is that as women;

- We want to be engaged at work

- Need to feel like what we are doing adds value

- Allows us to work within our values

- Contributes to the greater good

- Gives us energy

- Fills our cup

- Where we belong to something significant

- We leave the world a better place

Along my journey, I have heard people describe meaning and purpose as;

- Passion

- Fulfillment

- Calling

- Why

- The reason I wake up in the morning

- Ikigai

- What makes me happy and brings me joy

- Intentional and inspired careers

- Fulfilling my destiny

- The sweet spot

As women, deep down we want to this.

My question to you is,

- Have you spent time considering your meaning and purpose?

- Have you started to explore the inner pull towards something more significant?

Most people haven’t.

I hear the reasons being- it seems too hard, it doesn't exist or is not something they will be able to find for themselves.

My one suggestion is to listen to that part of you that keeps nudging you to look for more and take that next step towards finally discovering meaning and purpose for yourself.

What I started doing 11 years ago and the steps I took was the formation of what I help other people do today.

My signature program is designed for women to discover their next chapter and once and for all uncover the meaning and purpose of life.​

After 11 years I was able to put in words what the difference meaning and purpose is for me.

Listen to how I articulated what contributes to my sense of purpose on The Purpose Edge podcast.

If you would like to learn more about your meaning and purpose, let's start the conversation in a FREE Discovery Session here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care.

Angela x

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