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The Structure of Confidence

Preview of chapter 15- The structure of confidence

You have been through an unexpected change and hit a career crisis.

How is your confidence?

Do you find it hard to make decisions and doubt yourself constantly?

This is common and no surprise, after all you have been through.

A crisis and big change can reduce the size of your comfort zone, then place a pandemic on top of that and it’s a cocktail for low confidence.

When your confidence takes a hit, it affects everything, from the way you behave, to what you think and find yourself saying.

Before your big change, I wonder what type of person you were?

For me, I was a very trusting person and since the tree fell I had to rebuild the part of me that trusted people and life in general.

This required me to find my faith in the world again and maintain the belief, that everything always works out for me.

I came to realise this experience I had, a natural disaster, was out of my control and once I accepted this, my focus became about rebuilding the trust I had in myself.

Change is hard and transition is even harder.

Change is what happens outside of us and the transition is the experience we go through internally.

The structure of confidence is a guide to what is going on within.

The Confidence Triangle has three elements.

Self - belief- The belief you can become who you desire to be. Self - value- Knowing you deserve goodness out of life. Self - assurance- Trust in your abilities and knowing what is right for you.

When you are confident, all three sides are in balance.

Confidence is about trusting in yourself.

You believe what you are becoming adds value, otherwise you wouldn't have considered it in the first place and when you've practiced enough to get good at it you feel self-assured.

When it comes to career development what you want to understand is which one is giving you the most problems.

Is it all three?

Is it two, or is it just one of these things?

Learn how you can coach yourself to feel balanced and confident on any issue and in any situation through a FREE Discover Session.

I look forward to exploring confidence further with you.

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