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Trying Change On

Preview of chapter 14- Trying Change On.

We have acknowledged our fears and now we are going to write a short bio as the expert in our industry.

This is the next level up from your intention.

A bio is the story of your career.

Touching on the best parts from your past, present and focused on your future aspirations.

What will your career look like in 5, 10 or 20 years from now?

This is the place you are going to write from.

I want you to think big.

This exercise, if done properly, will make you feel quite uncomfortable.

In therapy, this is called incongruent.

Take a look at the two ledges below.

The one on the left is where you are now and the one on the right is who you dream of becoming.

As you think about the gap between who you are now and who you want to become.

How does that feel for you?


Now the reason we want you to feel uncomfortable, is it means that you're writing something that is bigger than who you are now.

This will be a stretch for you.

Yet it’s what you dream of becoming and will be amazing when you become it.

After you write your bio, your unconscious mind will begin to close the gap over time.

The point here is to stretch yourself and notice when you own it.

That is the game here.

Want to learn more about writing your bio? Let's discuss this in a FREE Discover Session.

I look forward to exploring this together.

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