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About Angela

Thank you for letting me have such an honest conversation with you a couple of weeks ago. I sincerely do appreciate you giving me the space to think things through without judgement.

Thank you very much Angela for being so helpful and dependable.




Hi Angela,

Hope you are well.

Firstly, I would like to thank you again for your time last Tuesday. Our session gave me confidence and helped me answer some questions before the interview.

Since our meeting, I've had two interviews for business support positions. I believe they went well, and I'm still waiting to hear back from the recruiters.

Would that be ok if we connect on LinkedIn?

Have a great weekend!

Thanks again,


Hello Angela,

I hope you are doing well.

Last year, I graduated from my degree and started my job hunting journey. I signed up to receive weekly newsletters from LinkedIn and came across Project Displaced.

I started doing various sessions to ask for help and advice from professionals, and you were one of those who helped me a great deal.

I started with not knowing much about job hunting, and 20+ sessions and 3 months later, I was accepted into a role within the public sector.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me, for being patient with my questions and just for supporting and encouraging me to do my best.

I wish you all the best in all your endeavours, and I hope I can still turn to you for advice in the future!

All the best,

Ivy Magdirila


Hi Angela,

Thanks a lot for your invaluable time and suggestions. It was a pleasure discussing my situation and learning more about the details of interviewing strategies and these will stay with me forever. Hope to stay connected and learn more from you.



Good morning Angela,


I hope you have been well.  Just wanted to update you on my interview with Genpact. They progressed me to the next round of interviews which will be a phone interview and it is also the final round of interviews :)  I really appreciate your time and valuable feedback which helped me perform well in the interview. I look forward to staying in touch and please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with along the line. I will be glad to :)

Have a great day!


Hello Angela,


I hope you have been well.  Just wanted to give an update that I have been offered the full-time role of risk consulting at Genpact! :) I can not thank you enough for your time during the interview preparation session. The session with you really boosted up my confidence and I was able to tackle the questions professionally.  It has been a delight to know you and I really wish the best for you! Hope to stay in touch. 





Dear Angela, 

Thank you for your patience, understanding and help during our meeting this morning.

I hope that I didn’t trouble you too much by witnessing my tears - I needed the release and I felt comfortable with you to be myself.

I am recovered now and in a more positive frame of mind.

Thank you again for everything.

Have a good day.



Angela was great. She explained where I can start, possible steps

forward, and how I can improve my chances of getting noticed as an applicant.

She listened attentively to my concerns and offered the right remedies.


Angela was passionate and willing to support me in any possible way that she can do during the session. She gave me a good explanation of how to navigate the service and additional resources for self-care. I felt really supported by her.


Thanks a lot, Angela


I would like to thank Angela for her understanding and help.

I had a wonderful session with Angela. She met me exactly where I was at and was 100% present during our entire conversation. Angela asked thought-provoking questions that helped me identify new insights and perspectives. Thanks to my session with Angela I have a wonderful new perspective on how to answer the often asked interview question, “Can you please tell us about yourself?” I also feel less anxious about the jobseeking process. I’m hugely grateful to Angela for providing such an incredible service.






Angela was empathetic and took the time to clearly and concisely explain the program and provide clarity as to what steps I should take next.


Good session, Angela is a good listener and she provided excellent feedback. I've booked in for 2 more sessions. Thank you


Such an amazing organisation during these challenging times

for job seekers and businesses. Thank you so much particularly to Angela Wilson today for interview coaching. Invaluable, clever and great to be able to synthesise my thoughts, practice and prepare for my interview.


Jacqui North,

Producer arts and events


Angela took her time to review my resume and allowed me to discover the most valuable information so I could express all my skills on my resume in the best possible way.

She also suggested websites and gave me tips to increase my success in the job hunt.


Hi Angela,

The things that went well for me was finding the positive in my life and my own thought process. You kept me coming back to the big picture. I learnt that I am important.

I achieved elimination of the negative chatter and I can be kind to myself. I worked through rejection and chose to step on the positive path.

I will continue to reread my notes and reflect on my progress. I will continue to catch myself and be kind in my thought process.

I enjoyed the ripple scenario and often think of the flow on effect. I liked the hug from love.  I will continue to breathe and count my blessings.

I really enjoy your audio sets and the resettings and to know you were there each day with your light. This I will miss the most. I wish I could hang onto you one more day.

There was so much I enjoyed about this course.  THANK YOU so much for your time!

Emma, Melbourne

I’m feeling more positive about looking outside the square. - Deirdre

It is nice to have somewhere I could write all of my thoughts in one place. It is interesting to see it all there. I can feel the year ahead will be a big year of change and I am feeling it will be a good year! - Kathy


I have been a member of Angela’s weekly group for over two years and cannot believe how much better I feel, both physically and emotionally, quickly and more easily than I imagined, mastering techniques which I would have thought would be impossible for me!  Angela’s classes are small, friendly and relaxed for easy learning, along with a beautiful energy which emanates from her and her learning space. Her 1-1 proved beneficial, which showed immediate improvement and allowed me to re-join her group classes quickly. 


Angela is very caring, nurturing and gentle and after attending her 1-1 emerge sessions, I am left feeling more motivated, uplifted, and reset. - Deirdre Campbell, Aromatherapist/Massage Practitioner/Teacher, Menzies Creek

My journey started nearly one year ago when Angela taught an introduction class. Since then I have attended nearly every week and have seen and felt so many changes in my body and mind. It has been amazing to look back on where I started and where I am now in terms of flexibility and strength.

Angela has always made me feel comfortable in the group classes. I have always felt supported and never neglected whether the class was large or small. She has a way with words that assists with movement to really get the full benefit. Her calm demeanour allows me to focus and fully immerse into the situation.

The programs designed by Angela flow really well. It's sometimes a challenge but I've never felt that I couldn't complete to my best ability. I attribute this to her careful consideration of each member's potential. I love that we can all work at our own pace and try different levels of difficulty that I don't think a lot of instructors would suggest.

I've really enjoyed progressing and it's something that I hope to keep in my life for a long time to come.”

- Tori

I look forward every week to my class with Ange. My strength has improved dramatically and I now feel confident to practice at home between classes. Ange's instructions are always clear and concise and she incorporates plenty of variety to keep classes varied and interesting. I am thrilled with the improvements and results I am seeing. - Nicole

Over a six-week period, Angela Wilson, an incredible teacher, did something no one else could do. She did a whole lot of exercises in a high-quality room, that was taken well care of. As I said before, she did a range of exercises, life-changing, that makes you feel a whole lot better. But Ange herself, wow, she was incredible! She was so kind and patient with me and I never had a better teacher in my life! I would definitely recommend her for you too!”  - Sam

When I first met Angela I had not moved for more than five years, as my time was not my own. Angela has brought back freedom into my life in a patient and reassuring way. Her prompting words give encouragement. Her studio is modern and has a light feel. I walk in feeling frazzled and stressed out, I leave feeling calm, in-touch, lighter and extremely grateful to have had time with Angela. - Emma

What can I say- WOW!! Not only have I slept perfectly since that same night, but there haven't been any vivid dreams, at all! My stomach settled right down and it's been feeling fabulous ever since. I've been focusing on being calm before bed and I also decided to do Yoga today just to do a bit of a 're-group' and 'relax' time for me. Thank you! You definitely have a gift! - Julz

Thanks, Ange.  I really have enjoyed your classes and it is exactly what I needed this year to get back in tune with myself.  Now on to the next phase of wellness.  Thanks! - Helen

Thanks Ange ♥ This is so wonderful. You have come at a time in my life where I've been waiting and wanting inspiration and affirmation, for me and my truth and knowing. You give me great confirmation, and I'm excited. - Merrin

Really enjoyable chance to understand myself. Ange you are a great teacher- really enjoy your style. - Monica

It was great to get clarity on where I am going and what is going to help me to get there. - Rochelle

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