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Couple Cooking


I am Angela Wilson.  Thanks for dropping by for some added bonuses.

As a wellness coach for over a decade, I would love to share with you my simple philosophy to wellness, starting with Whole Food. 

As you are experiencing a Career Crisis, it is important to look after yourself as you design and implement your next chapter.  After all, your 'Health is your Wealth' and without your health, you won't be able to work or function at your highest level. That is why, I thought it important to share my simple wellness knowledge with you as we work together.

Whole Food Tips

  1. Buy fresh from the local Green Grocer

  2. Eat the Rainbow

  3. Begin with a few simple tweaks - swap for something better

  4. Eating fresh means preparing and having the food there

  5. Write a meal planner for the one you struggle with- dinner, lunch, snacks

  6. Shop with a list and have the above ingredients on there

  7. Make your own- you know what goes in it then

  8. Look at the labels and see what is in the product you want to buy. Can you read all the words? Fewer ingredients the better.

  9. Be ok with trying new things

  10. Find a new recipe to cook

  11. If hungry drink water first

  12. Explore whole food shops and try something new

  13. Reheat in the oven or on the stovetop

  14. Make your own protein snacks and freeze them

  15. Prepare breakfast the night before

  16. Make extra at dinner and use leftovers for lunch

  17. Savour your meals and enjoy the taste!

  18. Notice the difference between eating whole foods vs processed

  19. Keep it simple

  20. Keep your protein portions to a hand size - you always have your hand to guide you

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