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I am Angela Wilson.  Thanks for dropping by for some added bonuses.

As a wellness coach for over a decade, I would love to share with you my simple philosophy to wellness. 

As you are experiencing a Career Crisis, it is important to look after yourself as you design and implement your next chapter.  After all, your 'Health is your Wealth' and without your health, you won't be able to work or function at your highest level. That is why I thought it important to share my simple wellness knowledge with you as we work together.


Your body is designed to move every day. To keep your mind clear, emotions flowing, balanced, limber, strong and feeds your soul.

Your body is designed to move in its own unique rhythm. Over time your body yearns to be expressed and moved in certain ways. Understanding your body, the way it communicates, having a loving relationship and moving your body in the way it needs to be moved is the key to career wellness. To understand the whispers of your body is one thing, to give it what it needs is another. We all know sitting at a desk for too long is not what our bodies are designed for, yet what are you doing to make sure your body gets the nourishment and movement it needs to function at its best?

Movement can be from something as gentle as stretching, slow walking to something more strenuous as mountain bike riding or rock climbing. It can be done indoors, in a gym, your lounge room, garage or outdoors, at a park, playground, beach, sports oval, your backyard. Alone, via an app, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, with friends, family or in a group with total strangers. Movement shouldn’t be seen as a punishment or a chore but as fun, playful and energising.

What does the word movement mean to you? Has movement for you changed over time? When was the last time you moved your body and enjoyed it?    

By asking the question, how does my body want to be moved today? Are you ready to listen to the answer and do something about it? 

Ways to move your body ideas:

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