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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Preview of Chapter 8- Time

The word time is one I hear often.

I don’t have the time or if only I had the to ...

Time, what does this word mean to you?

In the past, I felt bound by time.

Always looking at my watch wondering where the time went.

I used to think time was working against me.

There was never enough and I was on autopilot.

It wasn’t until my early 30’s that my perspective shifted.

I became aware of time, felt like time was plentiful and I had more.

I began to use time to my advantage.

I stopped wearing a watch and began to prioritise my time.

Asking the question, what is important to me?

When you know what you want, you always find the time to do the things important to you.

Let’s see where you sit with all three of these types of management.

1 = not so good, 10 = great.

Time Management - How good are you are managing your time?

Priority Management - How good are you at prioritising the things that are important to you?

Self-Management - How good are you at taking care of your own emotions, thoughts and align your actions with what is important to you?

As women, we are really good at taking care of other people and during an unexpected change our priorities get a shake-up and we understand what is important.

In a Career Crisis, it’s time to take care of yourself.

If you would like to discuss your concept of time and how to put yourself first, organise your FREE Discover Session.

I look forward to catching up.

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