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Let’s Explore for Clues

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Chapter 4

Let’s Explore for Clues

Your Strengths

Strengths are things you do well.

There are two kinds of strengths.

Personal - part of who you are.

Professional - skills developed over time.

Identifying your strengths, helps you understand what qualities you are using when you’re at your best and what is required for you to feel engaged and successful in your career.

There are many positive reasons for playing to your strengths.

It relieves stress and improves;

  • confidence

  • happiness

  • relationships

  • managing problems

  • work satisfaction

  • achievement of smaller tasks

The most important reason, is that it allows you to build meaning and purpose.

When faced with an unexpected change, you are required to draw upon your innate strengths and be forced to build new ones.

It is this building of new strengths and skills that allows you to do things you never imagined possible before.

For me, when I spent 14 months in an insurance claim, I gained confidence and highly effective written skills, to be able to send strategic emails for desired results.

When I look back, I notice how much I enjoyed writing to communicate a message on a large scale and wanted these new skills I acquired, to be part of my career.

Go through the lists below, identifying your personal strengths and professional skills.

When we consider all the key skills you already have and how versatile they are across industries, you will be surprised to know how easily they can be a strong point for you moving into a new role.

These are called transferable skills.

Transferable skills are, skills you already have and can be used in another role or industry.

Your strengths and skills are what build your resume and can talk about in an interview.

Doing this activity will show you how much you do have to offer.

If you would like to discuss your strengths further and how to use them to your advantage, organise your FREE Discover Session.

I look forward to catching up.

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