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Simply 40

40 is a time to reflect, realise how far I have come and how much I have changed.

I am simply more comfortable in my own skin.

I crave freedom and to be alone.

I am more accepting of the past.

I have come to the realisation life isn't all about me. I have my children, husband, family, parents and friends who are all going through their own things too.

I have learned hard lessons over the years that are softening with time.

I understand the meaning of what I’ve been through and the growth that has occurred.

40 is about giving myself permission to bloom, to extend, expand and deepen the person I was just yesterday.

I firmly step on this earth today into the person I want to be.

I trust myself more, know what I want, what I need and how to express this in words.

I am more certain about my life choices and what I want from this next chapter of my life.

I'm finally letting myself dream bigger than I have ever done before.

I no longer feel afraid.

It’s time to say yes more to life than no.

I have been shown to my core how precious life really is and not only to count my blessings, but to also give them a great big kiss and cuddle often.

To the people who were once my world, you may have dropped off yet you are still in my daydreams with sweet flashbacks of the past.

To the ones who are still in my life, you warm my heart and are significant beyond words.

To my wrinkles that have deepened when I smile and a more prominent, I am more aware and accepting of your presence.

To the grey hairs popping up in all those funny places, I respect your wisdom.

To my stretch marks, you show my inner strength and are a roadmap of my journey to bring life into this world.

Life at 40 is much crisper with my glasses.

I still savour each sunrise and sunset locking eyes with the beauty and am in awe of how truly beautiful this world is.

40 for me is about reflecting and projecting into this next phase of my life.

How can I continue to learn and grow? Forgive and let go, respect and accept, my ever-changing body and mind.

Life at 40 makes my eyes smile like the teenager I once was, she's still within me and urges me to continue to keep having fun.

I take the wisdom I've gained over the last 40 years and step proudly out into this day with my chest held high.

Life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

40, I welcome you and all you have to offer.

Written by Angela Wilson 14.8.2022

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