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The pain of your career past

The pain of your career past.

Have you ever had a jarring experience in your career?

Maybe the job didn't turn out the way you hoped.

You had a bad experience with a manager or co-worker.

Maybe feedback from a recruiter or in an interview still stings.

You got stuck on the up and down roller coaster ride of job searching, vowing to yourself to never do that again.

Maybe you tried to get out of where you are and it didn't work.

Your mental health took a toll in your last position.

Or you've never really known what you really want to do.

Whatever your experience, this pain you experienced in your career is real.

Most people I speak to brush these things off as nothing.

These moments are described as career shocks, career quakes or career crisis.

These are proven to influence an individuals’ work behaviors, career planning and alter your career path.

Even small tremors can cause micro rips to your trust, confidence and heart.

These are then carried into the next job, then the next and may still be with you now, holding you back in some way.

Maybe it's showing up today as indecisiveness, avoidance or overthinking.

You'll do anything to stay in your comfort zone.

So you never have to experience that again.

Yet, something just doesn't feel right.

Something deep within is unsettled.

It keeps calling to be heard.

To be acknowledged.

To be felt.

To be let go.

Allowing you to step into the present.

Finding direction.

To move forward in life.

Discovering the freedom, clarity and happiness you deserve.

If something in these words are landing, give me 👍

This is more common than you think.

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