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#Career Crisis Workshops

Are you ready to once and for all find
meaning and purpose in your life again?

Are you in a Career Crisis?

Have you experienced an unexpected change?

Have you been retrenched, resigned, fired or now retired?  

Are you feeling lost or stuck?

You are not sure what to do next in your career.


You are scared to take the next step and don’t know where to start.

Do you lack motivation?


Are you mentally drained?


You no longer feel like you.

Has your unexpected change caused chaos and left your life in a big mess?

Do you feel captive in your Career Crisis?

Are you ready to break free?  Are you ready to move on?  

Are you ready to find the career you have been searching for, finally?  

It is time to take care of yourself .  It is time to put your feelings above everyone else and put yourself first, for once.

Come and enjoy this 2 Day Interactive Workshop and immerse yourself in yourself.


You will:


  • Learn about yourself and your needs on a deeper level.

  • Awaken to the opportunities around you.

  • Experience your unexpected change and career crisis from a new perspective.

  • Connect to your deepest desires, values, strengths and wants for your future career.

  • Meet like-minded people.

  • Be immersed in personal development.

  • Receive group career coaching with Angela Wilson, your Expert Career Coach.

  • Delve into what you really want out of your career and new chapter.

  • Learn how to find meaning and purpose in your life again.

  • Discover what is holding you back.

  • Heal through the release of limiting beliefs and fears.

  • Let go of anything that is holding you back from your past.

  • Step into your new chapter full of confidence and clarity about your next step in your career.


Program Outline

Full Brochure


To find out more, book your FREE Discovery Session

  • Organise a time to chat with Angela about your career.

    15 min

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