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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Angela is considered one of the brightest minds in career transition, career coaching and mentoring today. Now a number 1 best-selling author, well-respected speaker, educator, coach and consultant on all things careers and transitions.

Angela is the founder of Career Design Studio, a global transitional journey for women who are experiencing an unexpected career change.

Her signature program is designed for women to discover their next chapter and once and for all uncover the meaning and purpose of life.

Angela is known as THE curious problem solver and is often brought in to clean up the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual mess women find themselves in after the chaos of change. She can quickly spot the relevant negative patterns, life themes and obstacles holding her clients back.

Angela’s authenticity, honesty and down-to-earth style are her greatest assets. She has the ability to leave you feeling inspired, challenged and clear about your next step on your career journey.

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