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Closing a career chapter

Closing a chapter in your career.

Whether it's by choice or not.

Needs time.

To process.

To let go.

The routines, the rituals, the relationships and the role itself.

Were a part of you.

Your hopes and dreams.

Needs time.

To reset, re-establish and realign.

To come to an end.

Also brings a beginning.

The beginning needs time.

All we can do is now.

To sit with this feeling.

To go with the process.

To allow yourself to remember.

All the achievements, challenges, lessons learnt and the growth.

From day one till now.

To say goodbye.

Needs time.

To close that part of your life.

To move through it.

Give yourself this time.

Give yourself to this moment.

To catch up.

To show up.

Where you are now.

The end.

Needs your focus.

Acknowledging the people, the places and process.

Thank you.

For what was.

To sit in this moment.

For a little longer.

The page is turning.

The time has come.

To have the last conversations and interactions.

To clear the space of what was.

The time has come.

To take one last look.

Stand to your feet.

Eyes up.

It's time.

To walk out the door.

To step out into the world.

To create space for tomorrow.

And leave this chapter behind.

This is for anyone who has closed a career chapter recently.

Take care.

Angela x

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