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Defining your Values

Preview of chapter 12- Defining your values

By defining your values, you are defining your blueprint for happiness.

Your values are what you find important.

They help you prioritise and allow you to feel content with what you do in your career and life.

When in a role or doing something that doesn’t align with your values, this is when you can feel disheartened, unmotivated and unhappy.

When you begin to remove and become aware of old assumptions it is normal to re-prioritise, recalibrate and realign your values.

You are going to look at your values from 2 points of view - personal and professional.

Just like you did with your strengths.

In order for you to find meaning and purpose in your career, you first need to understand your values, making sure they align both personally and professionally.

When you go through an unexpected change or a Career Crisis, it is often a time to reassess what is important, I am referring to your values.

Everyone’s values are different and what you valued before this major change may be different now you are on the other side.

For example, you may have personally valued discipline and stability, yet now you value freedom and serenity.

What you valued professionally in your career may also look different now too.

Take a quick look at the list below, what are the first 5 values you would use to describe your personal and professional values.

How have your values changed over the years?

To go through your values in more detail together, organise yourself a FREE Discover Session.

I look forward to exploring this further with you.

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