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The Reality of Career Happiness- Part 2

Have you ever been asked "What makes you happy?"

I was asked this question the other day and it made me stop.

Sure, on the spot I could rattle off many things that would make me happy now- a full night's sleep, someone to cook me dinner, time to myself or going for a walk at lunch time.

Yet, this was one of those big question moments that required a deep dive into both sides of me- personally and professionally.

Research tells us,

50% of happiness comes from one’s emotional baseline, 40% from “intentional activity” and 10% from one’s life circumstances.

I have found, in my Career Crisis and talking with clients, when you are feeling lost or stuck in your career, it requires a lot more effort to be happy.

There was this one client in particular who was quiet upset about having to go back into a toxic work environment. During our session we explored the tools she currently has and discussed strategies to utilise the 40% of intentional action she had control over.

Today, I will share with you these 4 strategies.

1. Understand yourself, especially your values, they are your blueprint for happiness
2. Perspective- know what you can control, accept, want and when it's time to let go
3. Have a good healthy support system
4. Have fun and get creative, life is precious and is meant to be lived!

Below you can listen to the chat I had with Jake Pearson from the What makes you happy podcast to find out what really makes me happy.

Interested to reading Part 1, The reality of Career Happiness - Part 1

If you would like to learn more about what makes you happy in your career, book your FREE Discovery Session here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care.

Angela x

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