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What is your transition superpower?

I’m not the best at long goodbyes.

I have always excelled at messy middles and as Bruce Feiler says, “Begin with your transition superpower.”

In the search for a deeper understanding of moments that change your life and the transition that follows, I came across Bruce’s Ted Talk.

This gave me a new perspective on times of change which Bruce calls “Life Quakes- the massive burst of change that leads of a period of upheaval, transition and renewal.”

The biggest take aways from his Life Story Project were;

💡 How much we still get affected by disruptions to our non-linear life that still seem out of order because they don’t predictably happen at the realistic ideal time and in the perfect way

💡 1/10 life disrupters are life quacks, we have 3-5 over the course of our life, also known as a whenever life crisis, their average length last 5 years which means we spend 25 years of our life in transition

💡 For the first time in 100 years, the whole world collectively went through the same involuntary life quake- COVID-19, every single person was in transition

💡 “Life transitions are a skill we can and must master”

💡 Accept transitions are an emotional experience

Bruce describes 3 nonlinear stages of transition;

1. Long goodbyes- you mourn the past that is not coming back, a time to let go and say goodbye

2. Messy middle- you shed old habits, create new ones and try new things

3. New beginnings- you rewrite your life story, add a new chapter after your life quake and unveil your new self

❔ Which stage do you naturally gravitate to, your superpower?

❔ Which stage do you get bogged down in, your kryptonite?

Bruce reminded me, transitions are challenging, meaning-making experiences that allow us to take the wounded part of ourselves and begin to heal them.

“Wherever you thrive start there, build confidence and move on…don’t give up on the happy ending, be the hero of your story.”

If you would like to learn more about your transition superpower, book in your FREE Discovery Session here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care.

Angela x

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