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What to do when life doesn't go as planned.

We all go through moments when something expected doesn't happen.

Maybe the project you were working really hard on doesn't take shape.

Your dream home was sold to someone else.

A sudden illness stops you from leading the life you thought you would.

You didn't get the job.

The job wasn't what you thought it would be.

Or you weren't promoted.

The moment you realise what you hoped for will not occur can be heartbreaking. 💔

Nancy Schollesberg calls these moments non-events.

Where expectations are unmet, dreams not realised and it kick starts a transition.

These moments are often more difficult to handle.

They can pack a powerful punch. 🤛

"They are usually not as public; others can't see them." says Nancy

Your self-image and expectations for the future require reimagining.

There is a lot of inner work going on.

3 ways to cope through this time;

1. Be kind and gentle with yourself
2. Debrief with someone in your support system - a trusted friend, colleague, counsellor or coach
3. Identify the emotions you are going through and process them as they arise

Remember what you are experiencing is unique and real to you.

Give yourself the space and time to move through this.

There is no rush.

Trust me, it will pass and the learnings, lessons and insights will reveal themselves when you're ready.

If you're interested to chat further about your non-event, book your FREE Career Chat.

I look forward to being a part of your career journey.

Take care,


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